Campus Holy Point Academy

School Events

The school events are always a bustling affair for the Holy Point Academy. The events are always well planned and are well taken care of in every aspect to make these programs very memorable incidents for both the students and their families.

The main school events at Holy Point Academy are Annual Day Meet, the Graduation Day Convocation, Students’ Achievement Celebration and other award ceremonies. Apart from these events, some extra-curricular events are also celebrated in the campus like Outings, Language day Celebration, Visitor’s Celebratory Seminars, Inter-house Conference & Events, School Archive Displays and many more. With these well-arranged programs all-round the year the Holy Point Academy keeps the campus joyful and interesting.

Club Activities

The high quality of the extra-curricular provision.

To properly integrate work with study is one of the main mottos of Holy Point Academy School. It is highly essential that the students gain proper practical experience in the schooling environment so that they can become worldly wise once they leave the school campus and set foot in the real world.

Holy Point Academy sees the concept of club activity as an opportunity to give the students a moral teaching about cooperation, workplace integrity, optimistic spirit, good life ethics and rediscovering themselves.

The club activities in Holy Point Academy is a plethora of different choices that presents the students with the prospect to get acknowledge with different aspects of career other than academics & officing like art, acting, sports, politics, consultancy and many more.

Some of the clubs in Holy Point Academy are debate club, art & craft club, music club, various sporting clubs, science clubs, dram club etc. The school often organizes inter club activities like inter club display fest and award ceremonies to keep things interesting for the students and their families.

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information, but makes our life in harmony with all existence

Rabindranath Tagore, Indian Author