About Us


Education is the backbone of any society and Holy Point Academy is a firm believer of this very old adage as it sets itself up to provide the best state-of-the-art education to the children of the country. Being in the educational sector since 1994 definitely provides us with an added edge as we possess the much-needed experience and the exposure to set up an institutional establishment of such magnanimity.


The standard of education that is on offer in our school is purely exemplary to go with the lofty ideals of man-making and character-building that is focused upon which is certain to define the way the country is going to transpire in the upcoming few decades. As an institution, our focus is not only on providing bookish knowledge to the children, presenting it in various stereotype ways; but to build their all-round personality and total development.


Bringing their innate potentiality onto the surface by having an idea of their knack & passion and thereby channelizing the same is what we aim at.

We do not overburden the students with loads and loads of academic learning but make way for progress through effective evaluation processes understanding each student’s capacity.