Holy Point Academy provides practical learning to students of all classes.

Science Laboratory

For proper retention of any kind of scientific knowledge, practical learning is an essential process.

For proper retention of any kind of knowledge practical learning is an essential process. So the presence of laboratory experiment and examination in the school curriculum is inevitable. Holy Point Academy provides practical learning to students of all classes.


For students of classes' five to eight, the laboratory study is strictly limited to visualization and understanding of the subject and is carefully monitored by the teachers. The students are allowed to understand the purposes and handling process of the equipment but are not given the right to exercise them as the syllabus up to the mentioned classes do not have practical classes.


For higher education, Holy Point Academy has prepared and maintained the most modern set of laboratories for providing the students with the best facilities to understand the subject and be efficient with its operation in the practical domain.


The chemistry laboratory is well equipped with most modern and secured apparatuses and with A-graded chemicals. The apparatuses in physics laboratories are well-calibrated and are very much mechanically and electronically sound. The biology laboratory is well equipped with modern dissection boxes and observation apparatuses and the experiments are carried on plants and animals (if any) permitted by authorized organisations.


All the procedures are done under complete guidance and vigilance of the teachers and staff but with full freedom to the student to operate in the laboratories.

The IT laboratories of Holy Point Academy are truly outstanding. The set-up has been made in a totally planned way. These remarkable IT labs consist of top machines in the form of most upgraded computers of modern times that even further encourage the students who work on them. Our IT Labs provide the students with absolutely full and free access to the system so that they can leverage the very best out of them.

Mathematics is a subject that is better done on paper than on practical fields because calculations and assumptions are two dimensional and abstract. But it does not mean that the subject cannot have any practical learning process. To make the theorems and formulae of mathematics interesting and understandable to students from every fascination, Holy Point Academy has made efforts to make the subject interactive with Maths Laboratory program. The laboratory has puzzles, quiz corner, interactive screens, touch pad and pen and many more to keep the enthusiasm among the students going at any and every hour.